About the Agency

Jonathan Clowes Ltd. is a literary agency based in Primrose Hill, founded in 1960 by Jonathan Clowes.  Specialising in book, film and TV rights, the agency represents a select list of clients and the team is made up of Ann Evans, Nemonie Craven Roderick and Cara Lee Simpson. The royalty manager is Terence Wong-Lane.

The Team

Ann Evans is the owner, managing director and a literary agent and has been with Jonathan Clowes Ltd. for over 20 years.  Ann oversees the team, and is Executor to the Estates of Doris Lessing and Elizabeth Jane Howard, also handling the agency's film and TV rights.  She is not currently accepting submissions.

Cara Lee Simpson joined as a literary agent in 2016 after working at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency. She holds degrees from King's College London (English Literature) and the London School of Economics (Gender), and represents adult fiction and non-fiction. 


Cara is interested in submissions for bold literary and upmarket fiction – anything with a compelling narrative voice and a new way of seeing the world. At the moment she is on the lookout for memoirs by women with a feminist edge, books that explore gender politics, sexuality and mental health, and more fiction from BAME and working class perspectives. She is also looking for nature writers who do something different with the genre, and for accessible psychology and popular science books. Her clients include Jacqueline Bublitz, Angela Chadwick, Bethany Clift, Ben Halls, and Okechukwu Nzelu.

Adult submissions only please.